Twitter-iGoogle-RSS Auto Lead Generation Technique

A quintessential ‘internet marketing trick’ as it requires no skill, no money, no software and very little time. Depending upon your industry you can generate between 10 – 30 hot leads daily off Twitter using this technique. Do you need a lot followers? None, actually. Can you start tomorrow? Yes. This lead generation methodology basically ….  Read More

The Method, Mindset & Power of Experiential Meditation

The Experiential Meditation mindset and method are based on the fact that in order to experience the truth of a thing you have to have some distance from it. For example, you can’t read a newspaper held against your eyes. A space in needed. This method gives you that space, that distance or detachment. Otherwise, ….  Read More

The Importance of Public Relations As Part of Your Marketing Mix

What is the importance of public relations? Most small businesses do not invest in public relations (PR); however as a small business owner, you need to commit to a PR program for your business growth. What’s the return on investment for public relations? Building a stronger brand identity will result in more awareness and credibility ….  Read More

The "Push" and "Pull" of Lead Generation

When it comes to generating leads, it appears that we are in a transitional period, moving away from outbound (“push“) to inbound (“pull“) lead generation. While it is tempting to classify outbound as “traditional” media (print ads, television ads, radio ads, direct mail, outdoor)vs. inbound as “non-traditional” media (online marketing, such as online advertising, email, ….  Read More

Of God, Mindfulness, Breathing and Meditation

In a TV series, To Know God, Morgan Freeman set out on a quest to know what people think of God. To know the answer he crisscrossed the world to have a better and deeper understanding god. He talked to ordinary people, archaeologists, religious historians and clerics of the major religions in the world, i.e., ….  Read More

Impact of Branding on the Marketing Mix

The impact of branding on the marketing mix is seen in every aspect of our society. The ability for consumers to identify with your brand and associate it with a product is a powerful tool in marketing. The more you are recognized, the more you will be thought of when the needs for your products ….  Read More

My Six Figure Lifestyle – Is It Legit?

My Six Figure Lifestyle was Chuck Marshal’s up-front profits and residual income program through postcards. It has since evolved into The Secret Formula Teleseminar, a newer $1,497 system that calls itself an alternative for the 95% of people who feel lied to, dissatisfied, confused and angry by the “biz opps” industry. The Approach The Secret ….  Read More

Various Health Benefits of Meditation

The ancient practice of meditation is gaining popularity again in modern times. As this practice goes main stream, more and more people are enjoying its benefits. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Dhyana’ meditation means attention and contemplation. It is a practice to help focusing the attention away from everything to achieve a relaxed state of ….  Read More

Definition of Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Place and Promotion

Getting the marketing mix right for your product or service means you are covering all of the important bases in your marketing campaign. Here is a definition of marketing mix and a description of its main components. The term marketing mix refers to the primary elements that must be attended to in order to properly ….  Read More