Radical Internet Marketing Tips – "Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome" Is an Excuse! (Is This You?)

Profitable Internet Marketing requires you to have a focused system and plan for long term success online.

And your desire for long term success online is why you’re reading this article, right?

The Threat

Supposedly the big threat to long term, even short term online success is this thing called Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome.

This simple means that since just about every day there is an offer for you to buy the latest greatest new thing, that you get distracted by buying all these things and never really getting anywhere.

The Hoax

This notion is so commonly accepted it even has its own acronym:

BSOS – Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome

This gives people a nice built in excuse for not being successful

The Reality

Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome is just an EXCUSE to keep you from doing what you need to do.

Getting something new feels good. It’s exciting to dream of all the things you can do with your new toy.

Then the excitement wears off and you go looking for the next new thing to get you excited.

This is not about Bright and Shiny Object Syndrome.

This is about having a proven, time tested plan and the discipline and courage to follow that plan.

The Question

The mindset you need is to have a complete end to end system for online success in any niche.

I have a question for you:

“What is the most important part of a jigsaw puzzle?”

The pieces with flat edges? The corner pieces? Something else?

All good guesses, and the reality is something different.

The most important piece is the box top. It shows you how its supposed to look.

The box top is the map.

The Solution

When you have a complete end to end system it helps guide you. In this way you can know what you to need avoid, and more importantly, what you do need to invest in for long term success online.

Source by Jeff Herring

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