Viral Monopoly – Is It The Right Marketing Course for You?

An efficient online marketing course can surely educate you how to make profit on the Internet. Nevertheless, finding the one that will accelerate your business growth online is not that easy. Could it be “Viral Monopoly”: the new viral marketing course by Justin Michie?

When it comes to learning internet marketing, there are many strategies and techniques that come to the surface. One can choose among PPC, video marketing, SEO, viral marketing, among many others. All these techniques can be really effective if they are used the right way. When it’s about viral marketing, no wonder, Justin Michie is one of those big names who have made a lot of profit using this strategy, and now he came up with his new e-course: Viral Monopoly, to reveal the basic concepts of the business.

The difficulty with most online marketing courses is that most of them are either partial, dated or just “silly scams”. The preparation contains cheap, repeated junk that is overvalued so that naive people are tricked into purchasing a pricey course that doesn’t do them any good.

But when you have a real online marketing coach like Justin Michie, you get training from someone who has tried those techniques before teaching them. He’s someone who has an online reputation to save, so most probably, he won’t be offering you a useless “get-rich-fast guide.”

In fact, Viral Monopoly is more than a simple e-course; it has two essential parts:

1 – A theory part that explains the basic concepts of viral marketing, the common mistakes made by beginners and those small tips and tricks that can make the difference.

2- A software solution that automates a big part of the work. In fact, viral marketing somehow requires a seller-to-buyer communication. So, if it’s done manually, that may take years and years to lead a small campaign.

A real online marketing course should provide you with entire, updated information on how to create an online business from start to end. It has to educate you how to see, anticipate and benefit from the online business cycles.

Essentially, you need something that doesn’t just inform you what you have to do, yet how to do it. It should also provide you with the necessary tools to do it right. You have to ensure that you’re attending a real course, which is something more than just a weekend online marketing class or common internet business program.

Besides top-notch coaching by Justin, Viral Monopoly program contains a built-in affiliate program permitting you to market the program as an affiliate and make an important lasting profits in the process. This way, you can make earnings while you’re learning.

Source by Rihanio Amine

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